ast, the US-China trade war didn&rsq

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    Please scan the QR C — Monday, February 25, 2048 18:25

    ode to follow us on InstagramPleas

    described as the "two wheels" to drive bilateral relations, namely pr▓actical cooperation and inter-civilizational dialogue.Thanks to their concerted two-pronged efforts, the two ancient

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    civilizations are forging an increasingly fruitful partnership and solid friendship in the new era.KINDRED CIVILIZATIONSAccompanied by Pavlopoulos and his wife, Xi and his wife, P

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    sident Xi Jinping to — Tuesday, February 19, 2048 09:50

    ured t▓he Acropolis Museum on Tuesday b

    eng Liyuan, visited the Acropolis Museum in Athens on Tuesday morning. The couples listened attentively to the interpreter. X▓i stopped and asked questions from time to time.The C

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    efore he wrapped up — Sunday, February 17, 2048 20:40

    his three-day state visit

    hinese president said the tour left▓ him a beautiful and memorable impression, and deepened his understandi▓ng of ancient Greek civilization.He said he felt the impac▓t of history and further

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    to Greece. A day bef — Monday, February 11, 2048 11:48

    o▓re, he visited the

    realized that China and Greece, as two ancient civilizations, have much in common.Stella Atlamazoglou, public relations director of Athens-based Sino-Hellenic Culture Promotion Company, told

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    Piraeus Port followi — Sunday, February 10, 2048 13:36

    ng separate talks with Greek President Pro

    Xinhua that▓ she was impressed by Xi's emphasis on what Greek and Ch▓inese civilizations have in common."Undoubtedly, these are two countries wit▓h enormous cultural richness. The two countries mee

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    kopis Pavlopoulos an — Friday, February 08, 2048 10:22

    d Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.X

    t in the middle of the Silk Road and join forces," said Atlamazoglou.In the eyes of Pavlopoulos, the ancient splendid and great civilizations of ▓Greece and China have linked the two

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    i's "two-wheel" dipl — Wednesday, February 04, 2048 17:28

    omacy gives fresh impetus to Chi

    peoples closely.He thanked Xi on behalf of the Gree▓k people for understanding and respecting the Greek civilization and for seeing Greece as a bridge between Eastern and Western civili

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tiesXi's "▓tw

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zations.Vasilis Trigkas, a Greek research fellow with the Belt and Road Strategy Institute of T▓singhua

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University, told Xinhua that the two countries' joint efforts to promote their civilizati▓ons internationally

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could contribute significantly to their soft power.Yet the significance goes beyond their borders. Chi

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na, noted the res▓earcher, has been championing dialogue of civilizations t▓o promote peace and cooperation between the We

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st and the East.BOSOM FRIENDSThe Piraeus Port, some 10 km southwest of Athens, was in the throes of a

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financial crisis ▓until a subsidiary of China Ocean Shipping Company, also known as COSCO, started managin▓g t

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he port's container terminals in 2009. In 2016, COSCO acquired a majority stake in the port and formally took over

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its management and operation.So far, the project has created jobs for▓ over 10,000 local people directly and indirectly, and turned the struggling Piraeus Port int▓o the largest port in the Mediterranean region

toured th e Acropoli s Museum on Tuesda y before he wrapped up his three-d ay state visit to Greece. A day before, he visited the Piraeus Po?/a> 坮t following separate talks with Greek President Pr okopis Pavlo poulos and P rime Minister Kyri akos Mitsotakis. The two arrangem ents epitomize what th e Chinese leader has 水富县5G 聂荣县wap 筠连县wap 监利县5G 焦作市wap 西盟佤族自治县5G 万州区wap 江华瑶族自治县5G 攸县wap 潜山县5G 宁晋县5G 阿尔山市5G 颍上县wap 安徽省wap 祥云县5G 黄骅市5G 山西省wap 大同县wap 承德市wap 鹤山市wap 传奇私服网站新发布站 家用电脑开传奇私服 热血传奇私服开服表 中变传奇私服发布 传奇私服复古战神版 变态神途传奇私服 最新网通传奇私服发布 传奇私服开区教程 传奇私服新服网站 传奇私服单机版教程